We need your help!

Since Bilislam is a new platform, our team is fairly small and our budget is even smaller.

We need all the help we can get.

If you share our vision and have a love for this platform, we would be absolutely thrilled to have your backing.

1. Volunteer to Teach

Given our small team and limited budget, we greatly appreciate any assistance.

We aspire to provide free programs in the future for our Muslim sisters, but we can’t do that at the moment because of how much the platform has cost and taken out of our small budget.

So, if you have free time and are willing to help us out by volunteering your teaching services, or if you know of anyone who would be interested in giving such assistance, especially if they are skilled at teaching the Quran, please let us know.

Your efforts and contributions will mean a great deal to us, as we work towards our goal of creating a positive learning environment online for Muslim women worldwide.

2. Support our Budget

By funding the development of this beautiful platform, you empower us to innovate and create exceptional programs, courses, and Islamic content.

With your help, we can extend our range of free services for our beloved sisters, fostering an even stronger bond within our community.

We deeply appreciate every small contribution and are grateful for your presence in Bilislam’s family!

Your support means the world to us.

3. Invite your Sisters

Bilislam’s platform is fairly new, but it can gain traction quickly with your help, in-sha-Allah.

Our mission is to provide a secure, safe, and engaging environment for Muslim women to learn about Islam.

With your help, Bilislam can become an essential source of knowledge and connection around the world.

Together we can build bridges between cultures, foster understanding, and develop lasting relationships through education and collaboration.