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Assalamu Alaykum

The whole point of reading and memorizing the Quran is for you to implement it in your daily life and live by its teachings.

But when you read the Quran, you miss a lot of its meanings.

Whether you can understand Arabic or not, you will, no doubt, miss the miraculous wisdom and knowledge behind the verses, because they are endless!

Reading Tafseer, or translations will help a little. But it only gives you one person’s interpretation. You will still miss a lot.

So what’s the solution? How can we best benefit from the Quran? How do we know which lessons to implement?

Is Tadabbur (contemplation & reflection of the Quran) a specific skill that we can learn?

The answer is YES!

What do you see when you look at the Quran?

You probably look at the Mushaf and find written words and phrases. It looks like any other book.

But when you read it (or listen to it), you can feel something. You don’t know what it is, but there is something unusual about those words.

Of course, it’s unusual. It’s the words of the One who created you. The One who created your heart and your mind. He knows how they work better than any doctor or scientist out there.

His words won’t be normal.

So naturally, our understanding of those words won’t be the same.

Do you know how impressed we get when someone uses clever words that have a double meaning behind them? They call it double entendre.

Or how some of us love puns, even if they were ridiculous?

There is something very satisfying and remarkable when you understand a different meaning behind the words that were supposed to mean something else.

You get impressed. And that’s a positive feeling.

If that’s how you feel towards clever people’s words, then what do you think you would feel like when you realize that the Quran, Allah’s words, is an endless ocean of meanings that were not discovered yet?

Since the Quran reached us more than 1440 years ago through Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, we only skimmed through some of those meanings.

But the feeling you get when you discover new meanings behind the verses?

It’s incredible!

So much better than double entendres or puns, that’s for sure.

The Quran is like the sea. It has an exterior, which is the sea surface. And it has an interior which is the deep sea. Some people might swim on the surface and say: Where are the treasures that make me rich? I didn’t find them! We say: You need to dive. You need diving tools. Those who only swim the surface will never reach those treasures. Even if they spend their whole lives swimming.

Dr. Khalid Al-Lahim, Keys to Quran Tadabbur and Life Success

Let’s fill the gap in our Quran Journey!

Even though Memorizing the Quran is important, we find a strange thing in our Islamic World. There are hundreds of thousands of schools that care about Quran memorization. But we can’t find a single school that specializes in Tadabbur (contemplation, interpretation, and reflection) of the Quran!

Dr. Abdul-Kareem Bakkar

This is why I decided to create this new blog series.

To be honest, I first thought that I could make an online course about Taddabbur, but that idea quickly went out of the window.

I realized that Quran is a never-ending ocean of knowledge and wisdom.

If I spent my whole life trying to uncover every secret, tip, and advice, I wouldn’t ever come close to finding them all.

But I still want to help you gain the skill of Tadabbur.

I want to make understanding the Holy Quran less daunting for you, even if you can’t understand Arabic.

I want you to read the Quran and pay attention to the hidden lessons that you probably will miss if you simply read the translations or Tafseer.

Together, we will inspire each other, discover the secrets of the Quran, and realize how to implement what we learned in our daily lives.

With Allah’s guidance, then this free blog series, Quran Scan, you will, in-sha-Allah, slowly and surely learn the skill of Tadabbur and live in a paradise that only the people who love the Quran and reflect on its meanings know about.

How to Benefit from this blog series?

  • Listen to the audio.
  • Memorize by repeating the audio (optional but hugely beneficial).
  • Read the Verse Meanings carefully.
  • Reflect with me on the meanings.
  • Read the Key Takeaways and put what you can of them on your daily to-do list.
  • Write your reflections and inspirations in the comment section, so we can all benefit from each other.
  • Come back to these lessons whenever you want some inspiration. I plan to add more inspirations and reflections to these lessons constantly, in-sha-Allah.

Where do I find Quran Scan?

To access every lesson I publish in this blog series, you can subscribe to Bilislam down here:

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Please, share this post with them and help me spread the word to as many people as possible.


May Allah bless you and open your heart to the Quran.

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