The Sho

In the English language, there is no clear difference between long vowels and short vowels.

You can write a word with a double O and pronounce it as a short vowel, like the word “Book”.

Or you can write double O in a word like “Moon” and pronounce it as a long vowel.

There is no clear distinction.

In Arabic, however, there is a very clear difference between long and short vowels.

The short vowels use Harakat (diacritical marks) to indicate the short sounds to us.

The long vowels are known by the letters ا, و, and يـ.

What are the short vowels (Harakat):

There are many diacritical marks in Arabic, but the basic ones are:

  • Kasrah.
  • Dhammah.
  • Fat.hah.
  • Sukoon.

If you know the difference between these ones, the rest will be easy, in-sha-Allah.

Let’s take these Harakat (Short Vowels) one by one…