5. The Tanween (The Couple 💕)

The Tanween is a lot of fun.

It is the doubling of a Harakah on the end of a word.

It only comes at the end of words. And it only comes with the three main Harakat:

Kasrah, Dhammah, and Fat.hah.

You don’t double the Sukoon.

By doubling the Harakah, you pronounce “N” at the end of it.

So a word like “كِتَابِ” will become “كِتَابٍ” with a double Kasrahm and the N sound at the end.

With Dhammah, it will transform from “كِتَابُ” to “كِتَابٌ”.

With Fat.hah, it will add an Alif with the doubling of the Harakah. But you only pronounce the N sound.

So the word will go from “كِتَابَ” to “كِتَاباً”.