Free: Easy Islamic Calendar for the Year 2022 (1443/1444) Gregorian/Hijri PDF

Assalamu Alaykum

As every Muslim/ah around the world, you are facing a predicament:

Your religion requires you to know the Hijri (lunar) calendar.

While your life (job, school, appointments, etc.) is dependent on the Gregorian calendar.

Whenever you search Google, you mainly find Hijri calendars alone, or Hijri/ Gregorian calendars.

Let’s take a look at what Gregorian/Hijri calendars you can find on Google, and…

Let’s Play A Game!

I’ll give you a few typical Gregorian/Hijri Calendars that I found on Google.
You have to find the Hijri date and it’s corresponding Gregorian date.

Are you ready?

Now I have one question for you:

Was it quick and easy to find the dates you wanted?

Why Hijri Calendars are a mess:

There are very few Gregorian/ Hijri calendars because it is hard to make them. Very few people bother to do it.

They are difficult to make and even more difficult to navigate.

You either use these difficult calendars or you use a Gregorian calendar, and try to match the right date from a separate Hijri calendar that you downloaded or purchased separately.

Or you use an app or a website to convert the Gregorian dates to the Hijri ones whenever you need them.

It’s a hassle.

This means that you can only care about the Hijri Calendar when there is a big Islamic event, like Ramadan or Eid.

And that might make you feel guilty. It makes you feel like you abandoned your religion.

If only there was an easy Gregorian/ Hijri calendar out there… 🤔

I’m proud to introduce you to:

Bilhilal Calendar.

You can download it now, completely free of charge.

Features of Bilhilal Calendar:

  • Free!
  • Instant download.
  • PDF Format.
  • Easy to print (at home or at a copy center).
  • Adjustable size: It is in A3, but if you want to make it smaller, like A4, A5, A6, and even A7, you can during the printing process.
  • Multiple uses: Wall calendars, desk calendars, planner inserts, etc.
  • Contains: Week numbers, days, gregorian dates, Hijri dates, month numbers, and clear Hijri month/year starts.
  • Vertical: That makes it ideal for easy navigation between Gregorian and Hijri. Each of them has a column of its own.
  • Color-coded! You can’t mix up the Gregorian dates with the Hijri ones, because each of them has a color of its own. Not the color of the numbers, but the background itself. That alone is a huge help in navigating this calendar.

Download the calendar:

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Do you have someone in mind that can benifit from this calendar?

Please, share it with them and help me spread the word. I want as many people as possible to benefit from this calendar.


May Allah bless your whole year and makes this day the beginning of your happiness and success.

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