Bilislam Family

👤 What Is Bilislam Family?

Bilislam Family is what I call my sisters who follow my website.

We are sisters in Islam. We love and support each other like a family. We communicate, chat, try to support each other and solve each others problems, all while trying to follow Islam’s guidance.

👤 What will I get by joining?

Here is what you will get, Insha Allah, by joining Bilislam Family:

1- Access to the Gifts Page

Where you will find, Insha Allah, downloadable printables like Gregorian/Hijri calendars, Islamic planners, colouring pages, etc.

2- Exclusive Fun Emails

Where you will receive every month, Insha Allah, a fun email containing either an Islamic Riddle, or an illustrated Islamic story, or something fun.

3- Books and Courses

I intend to release, Insha Allah, a lot of Books and Courses for you!

I am currently working on two things:

  • A course that will help you, Insha Allah, memorize the Quran in the easiest methods possible, as well as implement its instructions on your daily life.
  • A book that will help you, Insha Allah, take care of your health the Islamic way.

So, you will be notified of the release dates AND get my exclusive discounts, Insha Allah.

4- New Blog Posts

You will also be notified, Insha Allah, of any new useful blog posts I present to you. My blog is all about helping Muslimahs improve their lives. So, I am hopeful that you will find it always useful and full of easy to understand and simple to execute Islamic Advice.

And last but certainly not least,

5- Post on Bilislam Forum

Bilislam Forum is going to be opening soon, Insha Allah, and I hope we will see you more often there.

You can post your questions, discuss your ideas, share your thoughts, open your heart, and of course, you can communicate with other Muslimah sisters like yourself.

So, join Bilislam Family now!

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