Two Planner Pages: A Free Printable

Salam, sister!

I present to you two planner pages that I hope will be useful to you. You can print them and use them in your planner to organize your life.

These two pages are:

  • The Daily Page.
  • The Weekly Page.

These pages are undated, so you can use them at any time. You can download the PDF file, print as many copies as you need for your days.

Or, even better, you can print them once, put them in clear plastic file holders, and write on them with an erasable pen (like a whiteboard). That way you can keep re-using them over and over again without wasting ink and paper!

These pages were prepared by Mr. Naef Al-Junaibi. I reviewed, translated, designed, and shared them with you in his stead. May Allah reward him.

I really hope that you will find these pages useful.

You can also share this post. Someone you love might find these pages very useful.

May Allah bless you.

Your sister,

Huda Ayn

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