Salam, sister! I am Huda Ayn.

I would love to take you on a journey to discover what Islam is really about!

Yes, we Muslims believe in only one God, Allah, the Almighty.

And, yes. We pray to him five times a day, if not more.

But, there is more to Islam than prayers.

Islam is a religion that can be integrated into all aspects of life.

We believe that Allah created us all to live on this Earth and make it a better place.

We believe that Allah does NOT want us to spend all our lives just praying, and forgetting the rest of our duties, despite the importance of prayers in Islam.

Because, we have duties towards ourselves, just like we have duties towards others.

This Website is dedicated to helping you understand this religion better, and apply its amazing and wise instructions to your daily life in the simplest ways possible.

Brighten your life up with Islam!

Some Random Facts About Me

  • My name is Huda Ayn. In Arabic, the word “Ayn” means “an eye”. So, if you forgot my name one day, (please, don’t!) you can search for the meaning of Eye in Arabic.
  • I am a wife and a mother of two. That is, in my opinion, a 24/7 job, without even a single sick leave! (Not complaining though. I love my little family.)
  • I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. If you ever think about visiting my city, remember this: It is VERY hot in the summer, very cold in the winter, very dusty all year long. You have been warned!
  • I studied in an Islamic school & university, and I got a degree in English literature and translation.
  • I chose to make my brilliant certificate useless, and not pursue a day job at all.
  • I don’t have any pets, because somehow, they die fast in my care, and I get very upset and feel guilty about their death. (My poor white rabbit, Thalj. Not even a week! *tears*)
  • I don’t drink coffee, tea, or any soft drinks. I didn’t like the way caffeine was controlling me. It was affecting my body and disrupting my sleep. So, I quit all these drinks.
  • I don’t like makeup either. I prefer natural beauty and natural skincare. Anything natural feels authentic and has a beautiful appeal, in my opinion.
  • My favourite colour is red, because I grew up with four brothers, and they thought it was a girly colour. Somehow, that made me love this colour even more.

The Story of Huda Ayn

Once upon a time (not too long ago, I am not that old!), there was a girl named Huda.

She was too energetic, too enthusiastic, and too clever for her own good.

She had too many hobbies to fill her time. She didn’t even know what boredom felt like!

But that was her problem. She had too many goals she wanted to accomplish…

She wanted to become a teacher, a translator, a painter, a photographer, a knitter, a dressmaker, a chef, and a blogger.

And when she got older, her hobbies and passions only increased and became more complicated.

Basically, she wanted to be good at everything, and she wanted to try everything, so she kept learning every skill she could, one after the other.

But no matter how useful these skills were, they all felt like a waste of time!

She felt lost. Unmotivated.

Because she lacked what she really needed…

A Purpose in life.

So, her solution?

Combine all these skills and make them only a “means to an end”. The “end” should be a worthy Goal. Something she cannot get bored of easily. Something that she can feel proud to serve.

But, what goal is worthy of this status?

When she looked back at her life, she found something interesting.

Her whole life had revolved around something. It was the centre of her life. The guide she used to achieve anything and everything she wanted.

It gave her the solutions to all her problems. It was her refuge whenever she felt lost.

It was Islam.

So Huda decided to make Islam her Life Goal, and dedicate all her skills and powers to serve it.

This life is only just the beginning, the bridge to the life she really wanted to have.

Therefore, this is not the end of this story. Not yet.

So, let’s pray together:

Oh Allah, unite us in the highest levels of Paradise and grant us the ultimate happiness there together.


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