Free Gregorian/Hijri Calendars – 2019 AD – 1440/ 1441 AH

Salam, sister!

As a start to this blog, I am presenting you with a gift: A collection of free Calendar downloads for the year 2019 with the corresponding Hijri dates of 1440/ 1441.

I rarely see calendars like these. Usually, I find either a Hijri calendar alone, or a Hijri/Gregorian calendar (with the Hijri dates as the main calendar).

Most people nowadays use the Gregorian as their main calendar. So, when you actually need to use the Hijri dates, you have to figure out where they fit in your Gregorian calendar, which might become very frustrating.

But these calendars that I made are different. They are Gregorian/Hijri calendars. They put both dates next to each other. That helps people keep up with both calendars and still use the Gregorian calendar for their daily lives.

I guess it is difficult and exhausting to make such calendars. (I know it is, it took me so many hours to make them!). That’s why we rarely see them.

That’s why this gift is so special!

I really hope that it will be useful to you.

Features of these calendars:

  • PDF files.
  • A3/ A4 sizes (you can resize them before printing, if you want).
  • Gregorian/Hijri.
  • Hijri dates are in red.
  • Two versions for each size: one with the Islamic events and reminders, and one without them.
  • Vertical calendars (to make them easier to read).
  • The Weeks are numbered for the whole year.

How to get the calendars?

The calendars are FREE!

You just need to join Bilislam Family to access the Gifts page.

The Gifts page contains these calendars as well as many other useful downloads. I update this page quite often, so every year, Insha Allah, you will find new calendars.

Don’t forget to share this post with anyone who might benefit from having the Gregorian/Hijri calendars.

If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them for me down below.

May Allah bless you.

Your sister,

Huda Ayn

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