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Huda March 26, 2023

As-Salamu Alaykum, dear sister in Islam!

Embarking on a journey to explore your religion and apply it in every aspect of life is truly enriching.

From unraveling the wonderful wisdom of Islam on subjects like making money, family matters, health and fitness, and more; to memorizing the Quran and understanding its deeper meanings, there is so much to learn and discover.

A whole new world of knowledge and guidance awaits your exploration.

Bilislam is a great platform to learn as well as socialize.

We have just started out, so we have very little to offer at the moment, but we will add more programs every month, in-sha-Allah.

We provide educational resources like courses, downloads, and tutoring from Muslim women experts to help you on your learning journey.

But as we seek to draw closer to Allah and grow in our Islamic knowledge, we must have a reliable route map guiding us along the right path.

We don’t want to be going around in circles on this epic journey, so let’s make sure we bring along a map…

Just in case!


Your Roadmap

This roadmap aims to provide insight into what you can expect from us as we travel together toward the ultimate goal of connecting with Islam and each other on a deeper level.

So let’s draw our map, define our next steps, and how we can achieve them.

Step #1 Choose your Program

Learning about Islam shouldn’t be a bore!

With this platform, we’re aiming to make our education fun, interactive, and enjoyable.

Bilislam’s Programs are the perfect way to connect with other sisters who have the same interests and goals as you.

Our learning Programs provide structure and support for Muslim women of all ages.

We offer a variety of fields that promote your personal growth, expand your knowledge, and develop your skills, both in your spiritual journey and day-to-day pursuits.

So before you blast off into your boundless adventure, you need to choose your Program…

And on your Program, you will not be alone, in-sha-Allah.

It just wouldn’t be an adventure without the occasional obstacle, and your sisters are going to help you get through them much more easily, in-sha-Allah.

Choosing a Program can offer more than just an opportunity to explore a particular field of study; it also provides a means to connect with like-minded sisters who share your interests and passions.

So, explore our available Programs, discover the subjects that pique your curiosity, and without hesitation, embark on your journey!

You can join more than one Program if you want to keep up with different topics at the same time.

Whenever you go to a Program, you can view all of its content in one place.

That way, you won’t miss out on new courses and can stay informed about what’s going on in all of the Programs you join.

Step #2 Start your Courses

After you join a Program, you will gain access to all its exclusive courses.

Your courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills required for success in the field you choose, in-sha-Allah.

Don’t just breeze through the courses like someone watching TV, but make sure you’re taking the time to truly understand and absorb the material.

You should be actively engaging with what you’re learning, asking questions, and challenging yourself to apply it in meaningful ways.

To enhance your learning experience, consider downloading and printing available worksheets.

You can also create a personalized journal by using any notebook. This way, you can effectively follow the lessons and immerse yourself in the material for better retention.

Bilislam is here to help you grow and learn, so don’t forget to take full advantage of its resources!

Step #3 Join your Forum

If your aim is speed, you can go alone; however, if you strive to endure and achieve long-term success, it’s crucial to embrace the strength and benefits of unity and collaboration.

Upon joining a Program, you will unlock access to its exclusive Discussion Forum, opening doors to a unique network of like-minded sisters.

Our mission is to provide a supportive learning environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking to foster an environment of excellence.

You will be able to discuss the subjects you’re interested in with like-minded Muslim women.

You can also share your own experiences, stories, and ideas about this subject.

Take the time to get to know others in your community. Participate in discussions and activities that bring you closer together with other sisters, and remember:

Bilislam is here to help you find support and friendship as you learn and grow.

Time for Action!

If you didn’t choose your Program, yet, Go to the Programs page and explore your interests.

We are constantly adding more Programs, in-sha-Allah, to provide an extensive range of topics, activities, and interests that align with our Islamic values.

We strive for true community engagement that allows our members to connect in meaningful ways.

With Bilislam, you can find your sisters and be part of something bigger.

So join us today and don’t delay!

May Allah’s blessings enrich your life and illuminate your path on this remarkable adventure, transforming it into an unforgettable journey!

Your sister, Huda Bilislam


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