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Huda October 26, 2023

As-Salamu Alaykum, dear sister in Islam!

Groups are designed for more personalized interactions between members with similar interests, backgrounds, or goals.

These groups can be public or private and can range from local communities to online classes or even study groups.

Your Groups can be made up of sisters who share with you similar interests, backgrounds, languages, countries, or even friends and families.

You can support each other in your Islamic journies, offering advice and resources to keep each other accountable.

You can even memorize the Quran together, correct each other’s mistakes, and discuss your reflections and the obstacles you face.

You can request to join your sisters in a group, or create your own public or private groups and invite other sisters into them.


Request to join a group

If you dig a group but don’t fancy the hassle of being in charge, no worries! You can totally hop aboard a pre-existing group created by someone else. Feel free to join in on the fun without the weight of responsibility! 

Simply go to the Menu > Socialize > Groups, search for the group you like and relate to, and click on “Request Access”.


Create a group and send invites

You can also form a group of your own and invite others to join.

For example, you can form a group to memorize and discuss the Quran with your family members, colleagues, or other Muslimahs from your own country!

You can also form a group to teach the Quran yourself, or teach other Islamic subjects to other beginner sisters by forming a group classified as a “Quran Group”.

There’s no limit to how many groups you can form.

Go to your Menu > Groups > Create a Group.

If you want to invite members on this platform to join you in this group, then click on the group you created, navigate to the Send Invites tab, search for the members you want to invite to this group, and invite them in.

If you want to invite sisters who haven’t registered to Bilislam yet, simply go to your Menu > Email Invites > Send Invites and send them an email invitation.


Time for Action!

Go to the Groups page, choose the one you like, and request to join it.

Better yet, create your own group for your family, friends, colleagues, or even for all Muslimahs from your own country who speak your same language and name it after your country (in your language, if you want) so they can find you easily and request to join as well.

If you ever need any help, don’t forget that Bilislam’s community is here for you!

I hope that Bilislam’s platform will provide you with all the tools you need.

May Allah bless you with a wonderful group of sisters who bring ease and joy to your journey!

Your sister, Huda Bilislam


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