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Huda October 28, 2023

As-Salamu Alaykum, dear sister in Islam!

Bilislam is a fairly new platform, and we need all the help we can get to make grow and thrive.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform and make it the best possible learning experience for Muslim women all over the world.

Your contribution is extremely valuable to us!

So, if you love our platform and want to help out, here are a few ways you can do so:

Make Duaa

First and foremost, make Duaa for Bilislam’s success.

With Allah’s help and guidance, we can continue to grow and reach more Muslim women who are seeking knowledge and connection.

Your sincere Duaa is a powerful tool, and we are grateful for it.

Learn with us

Join our Programs and Courses to explore the amazing resources we have to offer.

Share your progress with others in the Forums and help motivate yourself, as well as your sisters.

Go to our Public Community, read your sisters’ posts, comment, and share your thoughts.

By being an active and engaged member of our platform, you’re helping us grow and improve every day.

Share your Ideas

Do you have a great idea for a Course or an activity that you think would benefit others on Bilislam?

Share it with us! We’re always looking for innovative and creative ideas from our community members.

You can reach out to us through the Help page, and we’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.

Teach Courses

Are you an expert in a certain field and want to share your knowledge with your Muslim sisters?

Teach a Course or lead a Program on Bilislam!

Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll help you publish a course that will benefit thousands of Muslim women, in-sha-Allah.

One of the greatest advantages is that you retain 80-90% of the revenue you generate, without any up-front fees like those imposed by other online course platforms.

The best part is that you don’t need to worry about marketing, as we’ll help you reach a wider audience and make your work accessible to more people, in-sha-Allah.

We’ll handle the marketing and sales for you, so all you have to do is create and upload your courses!

If you can create your own Islamic Programs or Courses, you can sell them here, in-sha-Allah.

To apply to sell on Bilislam, click here.

Invite New Members

Spread the word and tell any Muslimah you meet about Bilislam with your loved ones, your family, friends, and sisters in faith. The more people that join us, the stronger our community becomes!

You can send your invite via email from right here on this platform. Just go to the Email Invite tab in your profile, enter the email addresses of those you want to invite, and hit send!

You can also share our website on your social media accounts or with any sisters who may benefit from our platform.

Together, we can create a thriving community for Muslim women all over the world, in-sha-Allah.

Support our Budget

Bilislam is a new platform that relies on the generosity of our community to continue providing quality Islamic education and connections for Muslim women.

You can donate as little or as much as you like by going to Menu > About > Support our Platform.

Your donations will help us cover operational and developmental costs, as well as enable us to add more features, resources, and even free programs for our community.

We sincerely appreciate any support you can offer, no matter how small.

Thank you for being a part of the Bilislam community, and may Allah bless your endeavors and fill your life with blessings, knowledge, and growth.

Your sister, Huda Bilislam


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