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Bilislam’s Platform: How to use it effectively

Huda March 26, 2023

Unlike other social media platforms, Bilislam is both a community platform and a learning program in one.

We don’t waste our times here.

We have a higher purpose and stronger goals.

Our main focus is exploring Islam in general, and the Quran is our first priority.

We have various tools and features to make your learning journey as friendly and easy as possible.

Whether you’re just starting out exploring Islam or already have advanced knowledge, we guarantee, in-sha-Allah, that our friendly platform will make expanding your Islamic wisdom fun and exciting.

This platform was designed to be extremely simple and easy to use.

If you don’t find the instructions you need here, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me.

Navigate your account

When you register and log into your account, you’ll have two ways to navigate this platform:

  1. Your Profile page, where you’ll find many tabs to explore all the different options you have.
  2. Your Profile Menu on the top-left side of your screen (desktop) or the Navigation Menu on the top-right side of your screen (mobile).

Your profile

With Bilislam’s platform, the profile page is like an invitation to get to know you and the wonderful sisters in our community!

It serves as a unique ID that introduces you and allows you (and other sisters) to explore each other’s backgrounds and decide whether you want to collaborate in your Quest.

To view your Profile go to your Menu > My Profile > View

Complete your profile:

After you complete your registration and activate your account, you’ll find a reminder to complete your profile at the footer.

This reminder is there to help you connect more with your sisters in the community, so you can get to know each other better.

To complete your profile information, go to your Menu > My Profile > Edit

You’ll find tabs for each section of your profile and questions on each field that you can answer to tell us more about you.

To view a sister’s profile, you can go to the Community Members page and click on each sister’s profile to view her info.

As an example of how to fill in your profile, you can go and see my own Profile page and how I filled it out

Profile Privacy Settings

Next to each section in your profile, there’s an “Edit” button.

Click on it and edit the details and who you want to see them.

You’ll see a “Public” status below each profile detail, and if you’re allowed to change it, you can click “change” next to it to edit who will see it:

  • Public: Everyone will see the information, even logged-out viewers.
  • All Members: Only logged-in members of Bilislam will see it.
  • My Connections: Only your approved Connections will see it.
  • Only Me: The information will be hidden and no one will see it but you.

You can also choose to hide some of your profile information by going to your Menu > My Account Settings > Privacy and changing all your profile visibility settings there from one page, which is easier.


The First name and Username fields cannot be changed at the moment.

View your Media

Right now, only Exclusive members are allowed to upload to the platform.

This is because we are limited in terms of budget and space.

You can view your files in your Menu > My Media

You can also organize your photos into albums, and your files into folders too, according to the file type, your Surah recitations, the Insights in your Quest, or whatever organization system you choose.

If you’re a Free member, and you want to share your files with your sisters, you can use an external storage service, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Onedrive. They enable users to store and access files online. You can then easily share the link to your files with your sisters

Allowed file types:


  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • JPG
  • PNG


  • MP4
  • WebM
  • Ogg
  • Quicktime


  • MP3
  • M4A
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • ACC
  • AC3
  • AIFF
  • FLAC
  • MP4
  • OPUS
  • TS
  • WMA

If you couldn’t upload your audio files, try using a conversion software or app to convert it into MP3 first before uploading.

Allowed file sizes:

You can upload individual image sizes up to 10 MB.

As for Video and Audio, upload individual file sizes up to 100 MB and no more.

If you want to upload more, the maximum number of files that you can add to one activity post or document upload is 5 per batch.

View your notifications

You’ll receive various notifications on this platform, in-sha-Allah.

These notifications will alert you when there’s a change in your account, such as a password change.

They’ll also notify you about members mentioning you in their posts, or commenting on your own, groups-related alerts, private messages, and connection requests.

You can choose which notification to receive from your Menu > My Account Settings > Notification Preferences.

You can also choose whether to receive only Web notifications (which appear at the corner of your browser screen when you’re logged in to the website), Email notifications (which will be sent to your Email inbox even when you’re not logged in every 12 hours), or both.

Account Settings

Login information

You can change your email and password from your Menu > Account > Login Information

Export your Data

You can request an export of your personal data anytime. Just go to your Menu > Account > Export Data

Quit your Quest

I know how frustrating it is when companies in general make canceling or asking for a refund difficult.

That’s why I made it extremely easy for you.

To Quit your Quest membership, you can go to your Menu > Quests > Quit my Quest

Here you can just fill in the form to request cancellation.

The good news is, you can get a full refund if you quit within 15 days from your first subscription date.

All you have to do is fill in the form, and if you’re eligible for a refund, I will return every cent, in-sha-Allah.

For more information about refunds, click here.

If you have any questions about your Quest membership, you can write them in the contact form on the Help page.

Delete your Account

Even if you quit your Quest, you can still access the free community.

However, if you want to delete your account entirely, you can do that too.

Go to your Menu > Account > Delete Account

You can request to export your personal data before deleting your account if you want.

Now it’s your turn to take action!

Tell us more about you…

Have you ever faced any difficulties in understanding the Quran?

What level are you at? What challenges do you face? What goals do you aim for?

Your voice matters to us and we would love to hear from you and get to know you better.

So if you haven’t already, make sure to join one of our Quests, then go to your Profile page and answer these questions, so we can get to know you better.

Let’s all learn and grow together, with Bilislam!

May Allah make this journey the most joyful and enriching experience of our lives. 🤲🏼❤️️