Assalamu alaykum!

My name is Huda.

Just your average perfectly imperfect human being.

Since I was a teenager, I struggled a lot with many common problems

I was underweight. I ate but never felt like I benefited from my food. I didn’t want to gain weight only. I wanted to be more healthy.

I tried to cut down on sugar and fat from my diet and only eat vegetables, fruits, and healthy food.


That wasn’t enough. My body was stiff. I felt a lot of pain in my joints, even though I was young.

I wanted to be fit, so I tried exercising.

But I was a mess. I was completely disorganized. I couldn’t keep up with any healthy habits.

I wanted to be more organized, so I tried to plan my days with a strict schedule.


The planning experience didn’t go as “planned”. I got stressed because I wanted everything to be perfect.

With every failed attempt at organizing my life, I got more depressed. I wanted to be calm and stress-free, so I tried different relaxation methods: meditation, drawing, coloring, crocheting, etc.

That didn’t work out for long. So I thought: “Maybe what I need is a bit more knowledge!”

I wanted to improve myself and solve my problems, so I read every self-help book and watched every self-improvement video I could get my hands on.


Not only was I overwhelmed by the various theories and opinions of influencers out there, but my depression started to take its toll on my body.

I got various illnesses that were very hard to deal with. I went to several doctors who prescribed medicines that hurt me even more with their “side effects”.

All of that cost me time, effort, and money.

It was too overwhelming and challenging to keep up. I felt like a loser.

I got more depressed if that was even possible.


Until I discovered a program that talked about the Quran and how it can improve my life and solve almost all of my problems.

So I directed my complete attention to reading and memorizing the Quran and discovering more about how Islamic wisdom can improve my life.

It was difficult at first. Everybody around me seemed to try to distract me.

On top of that, my work, hobbies, and obsessions seemed ten times more appealing!

It was almost like everything was standing in my way trying to block me from reaching out to the Quran!


But I resisted with difficulty.

And slowly, one by one, my problems started to solve themselves.

Like a slip knot being pulled in the right direction to unravel.

So Join Us

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