2020 Islamic Calendar – 1441 / 1442 AH >> Free Download

Assalamu alayki, sister!

Most people around the world use the Gregorian calendar for their daily lives.

But Muslims need the Hijri calendar as well, because their religion and rituals depend on it.

So, that means that Muslims need both calendars together. Surprisingly, it very difficult to find such a calendar, because it is very difficult to align the dates together.

That is why I took it upon myself to make this calendar available to you for free.

Features of the 2020 Islamic Calendar >>

  • Free!
  • PDF format.
  • A3 size (can be used as a wall calendar).
  • Resize to a smaller size can be done during the printing process.
  • Vertical calendar for easy dates alignment.
  • Weeks are numbered for the whole year.
  • Gregorian dates are in red- Hijri dates are in blue.
  • Islamic events are highlighted by different colour codes.

Important Notes >>

The Hijri dates are estimated by the Umm Alqura Calendar. The actual Hijri dates are only proven when the new moon is seen for every month.

I reviewed this calendar countless times. If there were any mistakes, please inform me and forgive my mistakes. I am only a human, after all!

May Allah bless all your days this year.

Your sister,

Huda Ayn

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