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Assalamu alaykum ♡

I’m Huda…

I used to rely on people to solve my problems; Parents, teachers, scholars, doctors, scientists, and experts all seemed like they knew better than anyone.

Raised in an Islamic society, I rarely saw anyone go to the Quran or Sunnah when they need to solve a problem in their daily life!

Well, I’m here to tell you: Islam is like no other religion!

Rather than just being about worship actions and words, this amazing religion contains advice on everything; from relationships, parenting, finances, food, and medicine, to even how to conduct and succeed in your business!

So why not join me in discovering what it can do for your life?


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Having a community of Muslim women who are excited about learning Islam, just like you, is the best resource that Bilislam has to offer you, and it’s totally free!

You can join us and get the support, accountability, and guidance that you need to learn about your religion.

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Every member of Bilislam will have access to the Gifts page, where you’ll find free downloads and printables like Islamic calendars, planners, coloring pages, kids’ worksheets, and more, in-sha-Allah.


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So what have you got to lose? Join now and discover the transformative power of our community of Muslim sisters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bilislam is a social learning platform that offers an incredible opportunity for Muslim women to explore their religion and master their Islamic skills! The website, community, and courses provide the tools necessary to learn about Islam and connect with it on a deeper level.

Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery through the power of this religion, with Bilislam leading you every step of the way, in-sha-Allah.

Bilislam is an adventure!

We have a Free Community, where you can join your sisters in exploring Islam and finding the best and most practical advice that you can apply to your daily life.

You can read articles, download our free Islamic printables, create and join Groups, and connect with your Muslim sisters to chat with them in real-time.

We also have Exclusive Communities, where we dive deeper into Islam’s wisdom and explore each aspect of this great religion through exclusive courses and forums.

No, we don’t offer a free trial.

However, for your convenience, we do offer a 15-day money-back guarantee. See the Refund Policy for more info.

Also, there are a few sample lessons in some courses. You can access them without registration, so you can see for yourself whether our courses are suitable for you or not.

Yes, you can request to cancel your Community at any time. However, you will lose access to the exclusive courses and forums.

Yes! You can get a hassle-free, full refund 15 days from your purchase date by submitting your details in the Request a Refund page.

See the Refund Policy for details.

You can contact us anytime by going to the Help Page.

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